Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snapshot - Erra & Aleesya on SuriaFM

Want to do a promo a bit lah can yah...think i'd take it easy with this posting since the last 2 very hot fans of erra don't forget tmrw am at 7:30 my 2 ladies will be on air with our breakfast crew Tuah n Zizi (sum of u may take this the wrong way but hey trust me its juz for fun k besides my people have been pushing this idea to me for ages so lets chill n loosen abit la k)...You can also watch them live on Suria tv thru our website during the know the frequencies in ur bronx and our website juz click on the suria link on BML...

BTW...Sum donkey (sori to call u donkey, donkey...but pretending to be sum1 u r not is juz not nice ok) is running a facebook under my name without my knowledge...sum more take pics frm BML n upload them there (i hvnt seen it coz nak bukak facebook pun wa tak tau camne blogging is rocket science to me already)...i was alerted by sum1 of this juz last if any of my riders know how to trace n stop the donkey or better still know the donkey pls enlighten me k...

Nak update BML pun susah let alone have a facebook...


Edzlin said...

hello mr emran.

hmm, many CEO's already have facebook. don't you wanna try it. at least an account and link with all ur staff. it has advantages.

my fren suggest to copy ur posting and post it at that facebook.

hanachimi said...

akn ku dgr pg esk. siap amik cuti lg. hehehe..

psl FB tu mmg dh agak pn bkn mr.EE punyer. igt kn nk sound je 'donkey' tu. but blum ada 'pengesahan' dr mr.EE lg. so pasni kita ramai2 'sound' org tu.

p/s : FB erra pn ada yg menyamar. siap update lg. siot je..

Blog Diva said...

kelakar tgk you change Aleesya's diaper atas meja kat Michaelangelo tu.. Does Erra knows about that? *LOL

e.l.i.z.@ said...

Mr.EE, can u pls upload the latest pic of yr sweetheart???
miss erra & aleesya

aiza said...

Dear Mr. Biker EE,
I follow yr blog hah...
sebenornya, i minat kat your wife.
Tahniah... sbb now u r a sweet lil' aleesya.
Talking abour FB.. i rasa you dont have the time kot, sampai donkey tu.. tlg FB untuk u... hahhaha
Anyway..I will try to find time untuk tengok & Aleesya esok at Suria.
Bye.. and thanks sbb cari time untuk update blog.
Regars to Erra n Aleesya

natni said...

haah sronot + klako la tgk ee + ea dlm gge smlm


hanachimi said...

hi mr.EE,
request : bole x upload breakfast @ suria bsama erra & aleesya td ke dlm web suria??? td asyik sekat2 je. x puas tgk.

p/s : klu nk upload pix kt BML ni, better u letak watermark. selamat skit.

Kuey san said...

Mr EE,

mane post WAHUAHUAHUA...Oh Really??

baru nak drop comment.

missing pulak.

btw, Suria is not a small radio station. or should i say, the biG radio station (you know which one), isnt BIG enuff.

they did manage to become Malaysia's most famous and ngetop meletop n bla bla bla radio station.. tapi itu cerita lama.

dorang tak hebatt dohh..

xde commnon sense lgsg nk tiru2 org SEJIBIK!

hanachimi said...

hi mr.EE,

ni sy kopipes dr facebook 'engku emran' tu :-
'Actually this is a fan club facebook.... im sorry if some thought im pretending to be EE... one again IM SORRY n especially to EE, i dont mean any harm actually... VEY VERY SORRy!'

Engku Emran said...

hi nurul azmie...its ok now that u hv surfaced...sori to hv called u wt that name...ok u may continue (now that u hv my permission) running it as long as u keep updating me k...

hanachimi said...

alamak!!! ada kesilapan ni. sy bkn 'donkey' tu..
sy tolong smpaikn 'pesanan' pemilik fb tu je..

p/s: sy ada web khas utk kak erra je. hehhehe.. klu nk tau akn email kn address nye..

Edzlin said... emran itu bukan facebook nurul azmie, dia copy dari facebook orang tersebut.

lily4586 said...

saya pun antara yg tertipu dgn facebook abg emran tue...!!
msa 'donkey' tu accepted as his friend little bit excited lah kn..then a few minutes dia sent comment seperti yg berikut...
"Actually this is a fan club facebook.... im sorry if some thought im pretending to be EE... one again IM SORRY n especially to EE, i dont mean any harm actually... VEY VERY SORRy!"


Anonymous said...

hye Mr. EE,

ada beberapa cadangan ni..

kalau boleh, gugu gaga erra tu biar sampai Aleesya besar..kan best.

lgi satu, kalau boleh bila masa nak raya nanti siarkan carta lagu raya klasik sejam tanpa henti..pasti meletup punya!

kita tgk saper tiru saper lagi nanti pasni..ngeh ngeh ngeh

apapun..tahniah sbb dpt isteri cantik, baby yg comel..dan u sendiri pun ensem.

kiranya hidup u sempurna!


Pinky said...

Hello there.. didn't know you have a blog until I read about it in the paper. Am a big fan of your wifey, and an avid follower of Gugu Gaga Erra.. and now having read your blog, my interest towards sinar fm grows... Good luck

Engku Emran said...

Hi JJ hope u actually meant SuriaFM..

Pinky said...

Mr EE.. OMG.. sorry ..:-p yes I honestly meant SURIA...(blaming on the keyboard actually):-)

ALyn said...

to JJ and EE..
ahhahaha (LOL)

Erza-Chan said...

Hello there Mr. Emran.

Well, I just saw yer blog address in the news.

BTW nice to know that you are fine. *OMG I don't know what to say just felt like wanna post a comment'ere* =_= whatever ma..

Intan said...

U're quite aggressive now EE.Saw the difference in u b4 & after
Alesya's birth.Anyway, yr blog is getting interesting now, I should say!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Mr EE...Rruginya tak dapat dengar kat Suria FM ari tu.huhuhu..Kalau ada ulangan bestnya....

Anonymous said...

Mr Emran

for security purposes, i would suggest you to watermark all photos that u intend to upload here.

so in that case, if the donkeydonut cilok your photos here, readers who incidently read their blogs/fb or whatever sites you call it, reader will know that the photos are not originally theirs and was ciloked ( word.. jgn marah ek DBP) fro here.

just my 2 cents.


Mrs Imran said...

Yup EE, better watermarked all your photos prior uploading it on ur blog.

the bigger the watermark the better.

oh don't worry watermarking photos is not rocket science. :P

I can teach you how, the easiest way to watermark your photos.

p/s: you know what, there are many readers who happen to blog hop to my blog mistakenly thot that I'm erra, my husband is you and my baby is aleesya! haha how's funny. my husband's name is Imran (so perhaps ada la bunyi2 yg sama di situ dgn u and then my baby, depa cakap mcm sama dgn aleesya. btw, my baby is boy. you may check my webbie.