Thursday, July 31, 2008

Snapshot - The MGs

I thought i should write about HD motorcycle groups (MG) in Malaysia and prolly share with u guys some MGs in our neighbouring countries as well as in US and Europe. In order to get my facts right please allow me to do some research on the things that i'm gonna write about. This will also help me in sharing with u materials that are genuine as to not mislead my readers. So when u read my next posting on this u will know that u are not taken for a ride...

Stay tuned for an interesting ride...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snapshot - Amy The Legend!

I personally don't give compliments easily as i always believed that they should only be given when due...furthermore n most crucially with sincererity...I was very fortunate to have met Amy on many ocassions and had close discussions with him too...You see i'm a person who likes to observe and analyse the people i meet, not for ill intentions, but more to have a better understanding about human character...Amy is one of the nicest and dialed person i've ever met and i don't say this lightly...He knows what he wants and how to get it...i believe all of us have our own favourite person that we look up Mandela, Ghandi, Princess Diana etc...and Amy is mine...

Happy 50th Birthday Amy and keep on rocking! We will do what we planned out k...when timing is right ofcoz...

Picture with him and the ORIGINAL line up.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Snapshot - They Look Huge

Just got home from the Chelsea thingy...was a fun evening out with some celebrities, entertainment reporters and our listeners...thanks to Vernon (Mr Manager) who came with Nubhan other celebs include Ferhad, Nurul, Jac V and Edi Putra. Terima kasih also to reporters who turned up to do a cover on us...appreciate mrs. coudn't go as she wasn't feeling too good so i didn't see the need to go thru the hassle to take pictures with the players especially En. Ballack lah...nway they certaintly look alot bigger in real life...

Sean Wright Phillips isn't that tiny believe me...


Snapshot - Chelsea's In Town

The Blues flew in last nite from China for their last leg of Asian tour (they are playing our national team tmrw nite). Tonight the whole office will be going to Shah Alam stadium to catch the training session. Our passes are complimentary of Samsung Mobile one of the team's official sponsor. The whole gang will be there with some of our listeners, artistes and entertainment reporters. I'm not a fan of Chelsea, but my wife seems to like Mr Ballack so i'm gonna have to arrange for some photo sessions for her.

I'd like to see if teary Terry is still sobbing after we beat them in the Champs League!...

Stay tuned for pictures

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snapshot - Inul Axed Again?!

I bet this would be her last trip to Malaysia for a long long time. Utusan carried a front page story on her as DBKL rounded up her ordeal. I'm not quite sure what actually happened, but the report says DBKL cancelled her permit for a concert in KL (does this mean it was originally approved?) after the nightmare in JB. I personally like Inul (just because of 1 song - Goyang Inul, my wife often sings that song). Nway i feel very sorry for her, she doesn't deserve this at all. In my course of work, we sometimes do similar stuff but we wouldn't have risk our reputation (and more importantly DUIT!) to sell the tickets before the permits are approved.

There must be alot of happy wives and frustrated husbands...

Friday, July 25, 2008

BIZ-zy But Fun Friday

I'm actually blogging from JB (how i ended up here? read on pls...). Anyway started my day at head office The Star building as i had to attend StarBiz-ICR Malaysia forum for company CEOs. Its basiaclly about 'reminding' the heads of their role on corporate responsibility laa.. moderated by the witty Dato' Johan Raslan (Chairman of ICR M'sia) who is the big boss of PWC. The panelists i must say were well represented ie we had Ms Rohana Rozan(Astro's CEO), Dato' Krishnan Tan Of IJM, Irene CEO of HSBC M'sia and Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar who needs no introduction lah..cut the story short...i'm glad i attended as it was an eye opener...

Ok enough with the boring after the suit and tie event that finished around 12 i rushed home but not forgeting to get what my wife told me to buy from the hardware store the night before (see men do have good memory...err sometimes) so got home packed my stuff in my T-bag (a T-bag is a luggage carrier for biking) and put on my riding gear and off to JB at 2pm.

Got to JB at around 4:30 after stopping in Ayer Keroh and Machap (funny name eh!) for fuel. (yup normally bikers stop twice for a trip like KL to JB likewise KL to Penang) The lonely ride was good not too sunny but thank goodness the weather was kind. I was fetched by Abang Kadir (a JB HD biker) somewhere near Jalan Tebrau as he had to lead me to Hotel Mutiara where i'm staying tonite. Tommorow morning at 9:30 i'm heading back to KL with the JB HD bikers.

You see every year there is this event called Rock to Rock, where HD bikers (M'sians & S'poreans) ride from Hard Rock KL to Hard Rock S'pore (starting point alternates every year) and ride back the next day. So earlier this morning there would have been about 100 KL bikes that have travelled to S'pore. Tommorrow morning pulak both the 100 KL bikes and prolly another 100 S'pore bikes will be strutting their loud pipes to KL. So i will be trying to catch the wave if you know what i mean. I'm sure its gonna be a wicked sight! (200 bikes on the road can stretch to about 2 KM).

Stay tuned for pictures...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snapshot - More Death On The Road

Read Sepintas in Berita Harian today (pg 8). Death toll is on the rise on Sabah roads. That reminds me about my ride in Sabah in April last year. I have to admit that was my best ride EVER! For some of who are goegraphicly lost, Sabah is a jewel state of Malaysia in Borneo. Memang best tak ingat nye! We rode from Kota Kinabalu (capital of Sabah) up the Crocker Range to Keningau. The view was just breath taking. There was nothing to do but revel in the ride, and feel sorry for anyone who wasn't me. Enjoy the pictures.

If i have to explain you wouldn't understand...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forgiving Myself

I have always wanted to start blogging but have been delaying, delaying and delaying. We never realise how precious little time we have in a day until its all gone...well thats life. Anyway during the process of delaying i've been giving alot of thoughts into what my very first posting would/should be.

It strucked me when I attended my Chinese best friend (during my primary school) Toh Chuan Hwa's wedding not so distant ago that I should write about my multi racial friends i had when i was growing up, in this posting.

Names like Toh, Ragu (my Indian best friend), Edwin, Kah Loke, Roger, Sagumira, Salez, Prabagas, Yap, Hisham (my Malay best friend), Khairul (and banyak lagi names that i can't recall) are classmates that i hang out with even after school hours. We basically eat, play and kacau the girls infront of our school St Francis together and even had sleep overs at my house. We were more like blood brothers than friends to put in a nut shell.

I soon began to compare the friends i had with that of my younger brother Adam and I must say he was not as fortunate as i was to have chinese and indian brothers until today. No disrespect to Adam nor am i suggesting hes a racist (remember hes got the same blood as me) , but it is just how time has changed us Malaysians as a multi racial country. It is very sad that this has happened to us all but i still believe deep down in every1 love and respect is always there.

To Mr Jaya Raj, Mr Ting, Mrs Yap, Cikgu Rohila (whom i had a huge crush on) and other St Francis teachers that i didn't mention here, thank you for showing us the way that we didn't even have to forget our skin colour simply because it NEVER crossed our minds that we were any different.

Lastly let me welcome you to my world - Between My Legs is about how I look at the world through my eyes and experience. I'm not interested in politics, BML is just about me (not my wife, my family etc) therefore I would like to believe that the readers of this blog will stay away from posting comments relating to them.

I have now forgiven myself...(P/S: thanx to Faqrul who helped me set up this blog)