Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forgiving Myself

I have always wanted to start blogging but have been delaying, delaying and delaying. We never realise how precious little time we have in a day until its all gone...well thats life. Anyway during the process of delaying i've been giving alot of thoughts into what my very first posting would/should be.

It strucked me when I attended my Chinese best friend (during my primary school) Toh Chuan Hwa's wedding not so distant ago that I should write about my multi racial friends i had when i was growing up, in this posting.

Names like Toh, Ragu (my Indian best friend), Edwin, Kah Loke, Roger, Sagumira, Salez, Prabagas, Yap, Hisham (my Malay best friend), Khairul (and banyak lagi names that i can't recall) are classmates that i hang out with even after school hours. We basically eat, play and kacau the girls infront of our school St Francis together and even had sleep overs at my house. We were more like blood brothers than friends to put in a nut shell.

I soon began to compare the friends i had with that of my younger brother Adam and I must say he was not as fortunate as i was to have chinese and indian brothers until today. No disrespect to Adam nor am i suggesting hes a racist (remember hes got the same blood as me) , but it is just how time has changed us Malaysians as a multi racial country. It is very sad that this has happened to us all but i still believe deep down in every1 love and respect is always there.

To Mr Jaya Raj, Mr Ting, Mrs Yap, Cikgu Rohila (whom i had a huge crush on) and other St Francis teachers that i didn't mention here, thank you for showing us the way that we didn't even have to forget our skin colour simply because it NEVER crossed our minds that we were any different.

Lastly let me welcome you to my world - Between My Legs is about how I look at the world through my eyes and experience. I'm not interested in politics, BML is just about me (not my wife, my family etc) therefore I would like to believe that the readers of this blog will stay away from posting comments relating to them.

I have now forgiven myself...(P/S: thanx to Faqrul who helped me set up this blog)


Shanghai Fish said...

Congratulations Emran, and welcome to that name....hmmmm...keeps you wondering what is seen from THAT angle erhh....right ?
Well,guess you're gonna be posting about your many biking adventures right? here goes and btw I've linked you on my about that,okay?
Cheers man....go zoom into cyberspace !!

p.s. what's with the verification box ??? bad for me eye-sight..Take it off please !

...torpeedoo... said...

Yo!!..bro.How's things?Great opening posting on Between My
Legs.Congratulations bro.Hari ini Dalam Sejarah of the old times and memories.

Cherss to all the good memories...

Catch up wit u soon n all the buddies.


CloudTracking said...


Dear Emran,

What a nice bike u have!!

Accidentally I'm in crew lounge at sheraton dhaka trying to check my email with their computer.

Suddenlly your sms came in and I think its time for me to see your new blog and surprising that most of your friends in st francis is my friends in ACS school. Example Ragu, Sia Kah Loke, Edwin, Prabagas and Sagumera..

Anyway, its nice to meet you again during the event at kl tower last month. I pray that you would having a cute baby soon and have a happy marriage and family.

Take care and work smart..

Your primary school friend... Muhammad Azhar.

Saya... said...

Ermmm...between my legs?

Alah...I thought it was a sex blog...frust betul lah! No sex at all!

Heh heh heh...sounds very provocative meh...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Salam Bro,

About time man!! Great to have you among us mere mortals trying to share ideas, perspectives, feelings, etc. Will look forward reading more postings from you. Keep at it and you'll be okay. Gua caya lu beb!


Anonymous said...

Welcome! You see, I too have been fortunate enough to have Chinese and Indian close friends, apart from my Malay close friends.

Looking forward to read more from you. All the best, and may your experience here in the blogosphere be a good one.

Ride safe!

Gladys said...

Ola EE!

You have your own blog! so envious! ha! Just getting on facebook and skype was an achievement for me :P

Had no idea you biked!Is that really you in the pic?!! Am looking forward to reading some good stuff ...

The Ditzy ex-PA

lepaklah said...

It's a good start. Luv yr bike? Yr darling also have one right?

Anyway not much 2 comment. Suggestion why dun u upload photos, songs & etc 2 make more brighther & shining like THE STAR....

Anonymous said...

Congrats Emran for establishing 'Between My Legs'.

I am proud to learn that one of my students I have not forgotten his roots.

Oh, sure, I do still remember the close relationship you guyz ( Malay, Chinese & Indians ) had when in St. Francis.

Today, I am glad you realised the value of friendship and I am so happy for your achievement. I wish you all the best and as you promised, we shall meet for Deepavali togather with the whole gang!

cheers. All the Best.

Love from,

Cikgu Jayaraj

email : kgs

Anonymous said...

Cool man...wishing you many many happiness and luck.Keep in touch.To all my friends out there,best regards and my mail add is

Anonymous said...

Dropped by after visiting with Shanghai Stephen.

All the best. Like your intro. Yes, u r right. I used to have good friends of all races during school days. But these days, kids sit & hang out in mono-ethnic groups.

I remember visiting my best friends home, his father was the Penghulu. Eating durians and celebrating Raya. Likewise Majid & other Malay friends would come to my house and eat & drink during birthday and Christmas.

Now people ask whether the food has been catered or cooked by people of certain religions.

I wonder whether it would be fair to ask that for some Indians (both Hindu's & Christians) as well as for some Chinese (Budhists) who dont eat beef, whether all food for official events be both Beef & Pork free.

Soon it may become PC to state that the food were cooked without Trans-Fats.

We need to wake up. And I am so glad that you are spreading the message (albeit with a naughty byline) of friendship irregardless of race & religion.

All the best.

grace aka Mrs.MDK said...

welcome 2 cyberspace dude....way to go...

Anonymous said...

Ooopppppssss!!!!Sorry Emran,Pls allow me to post again.I forgot to add in my name laa...Cikgu Jayaraj's mail add not working la.Try to send him mail already.Any how now i leave my name and mail.

Siek Kah Luk


hi bro,

love the name of your blog!

i'm glad you've started blogging.

so cool!

keep 'em coming, bro!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Reading your blogs reminds me of my childhood days too..

where did all that friends go eh?? hmmmm.. well, i hope its not too late to congratulate u on your blog..

till then... take care..

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."

Anonymous said...

Cool blog dude!!


katakbesar said...

yo kumre bro!
congrats and good luck

Anonymous said...

After almost a month with this blog (it's 27 days actually), your stats look quite good!

My interpretion of the numbers:
PROFILE Views = 1,466 @ daily avg. of 54 people (A few might have come back to see again later on). But usually, that means new readers

COUNTER: 28,399 @ 1,051 page views daily. This is HIGH TRAFFIC-class!

I think you've had TWO major events that had created the momentum: (1) Being mentioned at Rocky's Bru (and not just "linked".

(2) Your handling of the CRM-Karyawan 90:10 issue. It's a fact that people are very interested when something concerns artistes.

Then there was the quality of your posts, which keep people coming back again and again.

I'm going to try `tumpang glamour' here - Remember what I had said, about this blog having the potential to be among the top - if not _the_ top - in the local entertainment world? Looks like I'm being proven correct!:-)

Congratulations, Engku!