Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snapshot - What's Up Doc?...

Tomorrow is our next check up appointment with Doc Hamid Arshat...scheduled at 430pm as thats the only time hes free...he has to deliver a baby in the morning apparently...

So far wifee and baby are doing pretty fine...except for wifee complaining of her left foot banyak sangat berjalan kat s'pore hari tu ler...nway not to worry so much the left foot dah ok dah that she can take freekicks that wud put david beckham to shame i tell u! (i never like this guy tho im an avid man u supporter)...

I received so many well wishes comments from all of you for wifee and baby until lately...i cant thank all of you enuf and to express my gratitude/appreciation in words is rather impossible...stay tuned for updates tomorrow nite yah...

Possible names for the little one anyone?...


eeqa said...

hye emran,
i just found ur blog n i can say dat im becoming one of ur 'riders' already...hee:p

dis r d names dat came across my mind...i wud love a name dat has adam for boy n hanaa for gurl...simple n sweet=)

but u n erra r gonna b d parents ryte,,so i guess its btr if u both decide d bes name for ur baby....hehee..

tc for both u guyz n not 2 4get d lil one...;)

emranera said...

askum engku...blh tk simpn gmbr scan baby 2 dcni

Nell said...

Mr Emran,

Congratulations to you and wifey. Why don't you choose some exotic names from Arabic or Persian? They say that the name determines one's rezeki. If the name starts from the letter A, it would psychologically develop the child's leadership qualities because they're usually called out first in class. Hope this tip is useful. All the best and God Bless !

azrul said...

Engku Ezra if it's a boy, and Engku Ezora for a girl...;)

zuraine said...

wish both of u all the best for tomorrow check up , hopefully things goes well insyallah amin....

Tengku said...

Hmmm...engku amirul hanafi or if bb girl engku ameera...hehehhe

Sakura said...
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Sakura said...

Salam..Better you search website
@ dapatkan buku panduan di





"Menurut sebuah hadith dari Rasulullah SAW bahawa nama yang baik diberikan kepada anak-anak dari kaum muslimin ialah nama para nabi. Manakala yang lebih afdhal (utama) dan disukai oleh Allah SWT ialah Abdullah dan Abdur Rahman. Sedangkan nama yang paling tepatnya ialah Harith dan Hammam. Nama yang paling buruk pula ialah Harb (perang) dan Murrah (pahit).

Adalah menjadi kewajipan bagi kedua ibu bapa untuk memberikan nama yang baik kepada anak-anaknya. Pada dasarnya, memberikan nama yang baik kepada anak-anak bukanlah wajib hukumnya. Namun, jika ditinjau dari segi kesan dan akibat yang timbul daripadanya, maka hukumnya akan beralih menjadi wajib secara sendirinya.

Oleh itu, berhati-hatilah dalam memilih dan memberikan nama kepada anak-anak. Pilihlah nama yang dianjurkan oleh Islam atau sekurang-kurangnya nama yang membawa maksud yang baik"

P/S: Mr EE,pernah tengok baby Yassin Brothers tak? (Boleh tengok pic kat Blog saya). Hari tu masa Majlis Rumah Terbuka Utusan tengok muka baby tu macam Mr EE kecik:-)cute sangat...cuba juga imaging kalau bagi pakai cermin mata...memang sama kot (hehehe)...

amal said...

hye abg emran.dnw whtr u knw me mum is ur cousin.che'da's daughter.:)
hm.its not too late yet kan to wish u n k.erra slmt hari raya.dtgla beraya kat kertih. :) wish both of u d best 4 d checkup today.insy everythng's gonna b sends my regards to tokdin n aunty salmah. :)

nanafarhanna said...

For the name, maybe something with E and F.. As the daddy is E and the mommy is F or E?..

Cant wait to know the baby's name! hehe

Pray the baby, the mommy be as healthy as ever! :) insyaAllah.. :)

Anonymous said...

zara for gal,
zayan for boy...

Ida said...

Emran, you go to MPH and get this book "10000 baby names and more.."


P/S: And of course, google la banyak2 "baby names", beratus2website keluar.. and don't forget ;)

Anonymous said...

engku zafran

edzlin007 said...

hi mr emran. thanks for updating about erra. hmm, how 'bout elyna for gurl or daniel for boy.

Intan said...

hi EE, cant wait to hear the news on baby's check up.very impatient of me.kind of worried too.Hope everything is fine with mummy and baby.

Ann Hani said...

smlmt hari raya
and congrats :)

Charlotte Arphenee said...

for my boy, HUD HAIQAL, for my doter, HAWA NAJWA. u got my permission to use both names. hiks

ummuafif said...

Salam, suka sangat dengan nama hafeez.. sebab kebanyakan yang saya jumpa namanya hafeez memang jadi penghafaz al-Quran.. seronokkan kalau anak kita jadi hafiz. InsyaAllah dia dapat menyelamatkan 10 ahli keluarganya dari api neraka. Ya setinggi mana kita, sehebat mana kita, sepopular mana pun kita.. akhirnya kita pasti menemui Nya juga untuk di hisab. Semoga Allah memberikan kita kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

Amir MagnifiquE said...

congrats to u and ur ever so gorgeous wife..saya akan mendoakan kesihatan anda n keluarga especially the mummy n the baby...

as for names below are the list of names tat i think suitable for your baby

rafique haykal
mikhail shah
amir ashraff

khairena alia

kaklynn said...

Mr EE, is everything ok? well, here few names for babe:

Faheem - inteligent
Faaiz - successful,prosperous,
Faiq - superior, ascendant,
Aniq - neat, elegant, smart
Kamil - perfect, complete,
genuine, learned

Fairuzah - a precious gem
Falisha - happiness
Feiyaz - successful

Eiliyah - the beautiful one to
grow in peace and love
with God
Eimaan - faith
Eliza - unique, precious

Actually, the list can go on n on, hahaha!!! Well, best of luck for choosing the right one!!! Afterall, you both know whats best, ye. My luv to princess.

nini said...

hi kumbre, i was reading rocky bru's blog and i found your blog by chance...i never paid attention to the links before until tonite...duhh!Hope u and wifey and baby EE are doing ok. tc

p/s - join laa facebook..the whole jinbang is there...hehe

Just plain Sharon said...

hi emran,

what have you got in mind for the name of your baby? please share with us :)

Anonymous said...

Kalau baby girl taruk nama

Kalau baby boy plak bubuh nama

Anonymous said...

spt kate ummuafif kat atas..
if baby boy, bg nama "Hafeez".
sedap oo nama nih.

Suzila A said...

Yup! Hafeez is nice.

Mohammad Hafeez :) or Mohammad Faez pun ok!

janesach said...

Rizq Adam = Rezeki Pertama

sheila said...

any updates bout the checkup bro???
share it with us

zeeta05 said...

hi emran n erra

4 girl

engku putri zara
engku putri ezirra
engku putri kaira

4 boy

engku putra nazrin
engku putra hafeez
engku putra zafran

Anonymous said...

hello there,
stumble across your blog by chance.
CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing your wife a smooth pregnancy.
Names... asalkan yang easy and short. Kalau nama panjang, kesian kat budak tu nanti come exam period - too much time will be spent shading those cirles for his/ her name!

Anonymous said...

try this name for boy..
Engku Emeer Mycal

JQ said...

try this name

engku emeer mycal

Delia said...

I guess you guys would want the initials of the baby to EE too right? and the first E is of course Engku... =) I kinda like Engku Ehsan Engku Emran. I wouldn't know what to put for a girl coz I myself have three boys!! hehe heck! we have something in common! I consider myself Muhibbah too being 1/2 Malay, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Indian! haha Hope mommy and baby are doing well!

mynn said...

Put a simple yet beautiful name.. Concise. Jangan panjang sangat, nanti sampai darjah 2 pun tak pandai tulis nama lagik :P

miszrLina said...


cOngrat to both of u...
tak sabar mnanti d mOments kan...


hafizah-azmi said...

Mukmin for boy and Aisyah for gergirl..hehehe

Take care of the mommy yer bro EE. (^_^)y

♥ ♥ KenTanGgoRenG ♥ ♥ said...

haha..semua suggest name for your future baby.. pe kate letak name Engku Farah Imtiaz Engku Emran.. ok x? ok x?

amydala said...

haha...i can see most of da bloggers suggested Zara for ur baby name. Just a nice name...n btw, my daughter name is Zahraa :)

emran, just ask erra to put her leg higher while she take a rest or watching tv. time tido lak, u lapikkan bantal bwh kaki dia. dun forget to pakai stokin masa tido. Try it works on me before!

Anonymous said...

i cadangkan u letak nama:-


mikyail said...

hi EE & ERRA;
Finally ENGKU ALEESYA ENGKU EMRAN get out from her mummy's belly to see the world!!!
Perhaps u guys gonna be a GOOD parents to her and i always pray that she'll be a GOOD daughter to u..
~mikyail d silent blogs reader~